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The green screen studio

The studio is a good-sized, self-contained space consisting of a 40 square metre studio space, plus additional dressing rooms and areas.

It’s a detached building and therefore usually quiet with no disruptions to filming. 

There is a choice of a 2.7m Colorama backdrop, which will extend up to six metres across the floor if full-height filming is required. We also offer a 4m wide and 2m high Lastolite panoramic background. This can be handy if you want to use more than one camera and need to create a second angle on your subjects, although it does not offer a full-height option.

Green screen internal

Booking periods

The green-screen studio is available for half-day or full-day sessions. 

This provides sufficient time for the green-screen, lighting, cameras and audio etc. to be finalised and set up for each shoot – and any on-screen talent and scripts prepared. 

A test shoot then follows, so you’ll have the chance to see some sample footage before we continue. (If you have a specific background you’d like to see tested, please bring the video or image files with you because this is a great opportunity to see how it could look!)

There is also some break-down time to allow for at the end of the booking, which must accommodated within your booking slot.


Achieving a nice clean key is down to an even and well-balanced lighting setup.

The studio offers a range of modern Lishhuai LEDs, softboxes and fluorescent options to ensure the light and separation are at optimal levels.

A studio manager will set the lighting up for your visit. Please note, always allow 15-30 minutes to tweak the lighting to suit your particular requirements. 

Studio Lighting


We provide the studio and lighting, camera(s), operators, audio equipment, production design and advice, plus full editing and post-production as required. Makeup artists are also available.

All you will need to bring is the on-screen talent and any key personnel; we will take care of the rest!  

The dressing room provides a private and well-equipped space to prepare for your shoot – and the coffee machine is always on!

Parking, access and prep

Reserved, free parking is available right outside the studio and everything is ground-floor for easy loading of equipment.

There is a dedicated and private dressing room with mirrors, dryers and other accessories to prepare the talent for your shoot.

Free wi-fi for your session is also available, along with a very decent cup of coffee (or tea!) 

Studio Dressing Room

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